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SKYLYZE Data Integration & Data Management

access, transform and blend all your Data

The SKYLYZE Data Integration Engine enables us to connect most different data sources and systems and to prepare their data for analysis.
Our Data Integration Component offers an extensive connectivity to data sources from flat files and classic relational databases to NoSQL databases and Big Data Stores like for example Hadoop.
We use a graphic Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) Designer to model the required data integration processes fast and simple. Individual challenges in the field of data integration can be implemented with little effort by using a wide library of predefined connectors to various data sources and systems as well as numerous standardized data operations.

Flexible Data Storage Backend

The choice of your data base backend is up to you depending on your current data base infrastructure and the volume of data to be stored. SKYLYZE supports for example an already existing SQL data base infrastructure as well as a powerful Hadoop Distribution. Our solutions are tailor-made for your individual Big Data platform strategy.

Batch Import Jobs, Data streaming and open Data Export

The SKYLYZE Data Integration and available connectors allow various sorts of data import routines depending on volume and required speed. From scheduled batch data processing (e.g. ERP data download) to nearly real-time data streaming (e. g. sensor data) we connect data sources efficiently and with high productivity.

Moreover the SKYLYZE Data Warehouse is designed as an open data platform. You are able to export data sets to other data stores or systems.