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SKYLYZE project and consulting services

Data Integration / ETL Consulting

Using our powerful data integration platform our specialists support you in all tasks of data handling in the fields of data integration and ETL processes. We offer the following services:
- initial analysis of existing data sources
- implementation of data warehouse and data lake infrastructures
- adjustment and harmonization of heterogenic data sources for further data analysis
- generation of data transformations to exchange data between different formats and platforms (incl. Big Data Platforms)
- Feeding of existing data warehouses and Data Lakes with data from new additional data sources

In the fields of „Data Profiling“ and „Data Quality Assurance“ we offer you for example the following support:
- identification of data which does not comply with company rules and standards
- standardization, validation, removal of duplicates and cleanup of inconsistent and redundant data

Data Analytics Projects and Consulting

For your individual data analytics projects we generate useful KPIs, individual analytics reports and dashboards. This also includes the provision of all data and data sources relevant to the analysis. If necessary we therefore correlate your company data with data of external data sources (e. g. from internet sources).
We solve your individual data mining tasks by evaluating the most suitable algorithms and by implementing of these algorithms for correlation, classification, regression or machine learning tasks.
Our team supports you with the execution of predictive analytics projects (Predictive Analytics) like for example in the field of Predictive Maintenance.

Big Data Technology Consulting

- We offer consulting for the implementation of a Big Data Strategy and corresponding infrastructure.
- We help you defining the best fitting technology stack for your Big Data tasks and strategies.
- We support your switch or extension of your existing SQL based data management infrastructure to Big Data Technologies.

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SKYLYZE Analytics-as-a-Services

Do you require a concrete ad hoc data analysis, for example concerning product quality or product performance? Would you like to know for instance if a current abnormality in one of your processes correlates with other internal or external factors (e.g. environment, geographic situation, process parameters)?
Our service is to solve your analytic tasks. We discuss the individual use case and the expected analytic contents and identify the required data.
We take care of the integration and the access to data, identify suitable algorithms and train these algorithms to your specific data situation and tasks. As a result we provide you with ready-to-use analytic data embedded in clear result reports and in the agreed format. We carry out all this as a service for you using our infrastructure and tools.

You neither require any specific infrastructure, data analytics platform or software nor extra employee capacity.

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