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Warranty Management

The SKYLYZE warranty management solution is aiming at suppliers in the automotive business. From the perspective of data the warranty period is the most precious period for the supplier because the OEM provides him with substantial information about customer claims, part exchange and occurred failures. That is why far-reaching measures taken in this period help to prevent or at least lessen frequently recurring failures. Furthermore OEM customer claims go regularly along with recourse claims to the supplier in this period. It is therefore crucial for the supplier to as well check incoming claims on plausibility and to analyze failures from the field and be thus able to gain information about the product’s behavior during its life cycle.
For this SKYLYZE offers an ingenious solution, which covers „intelligent automated claim validation“ as well as „field data analysis“ by means of suitable analytic methods and special dashboards. Moreover customer agreements and base data as well as OEM specific codes can be managed and maintained. All relevant documents can be pooled and stored centrally in our repository in order to improve the company data overview.


Our solutions:

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Our Key-Features

-     data transformation and specific dashboards accessible for many OEMs
-     uncomplicated integration of additional OEMs
-     OEM data can be enriched with any data from different data sources, e. g. ERP supplier data, MES output figures, other data sources
-    integrated rule manager for automated validation of incoming claim data and regression claims
-    pooled harmonized data warehouse for long-term storage of claim and warranty data
-     cross OEM and comparing data analysis
-     Prefilled base data management for the maintenance of OEM specific code tables and own data catalogs (e. g. customer and supplier part number relation, exchange rates)
-     own user, role and right administration with optional connection to company user management (LDAP, Active Directory)
-     turn-key evaluation dashboards and reports
-     MIS stack diagrams and prognosis of MIS progress and warranty cost predictions
-     easy to handle web user interface for intensive ad-hoc analysis of field data
-    integrated dashboard designer for an uncomplicated self-generation of attractive and informative dashboards
-     option to integrate analysis reports and dashboards, for example in the company intranet
-     steadily increasing library of chart types and visualization
-     export function for analysis reports to Excel, CSV, PDF
-     integrated scheduler for the schedule administration of the automated generation of analytics reports
-     Skylyze Repository for central access to all relevant warranty documents (data reports, invoice documents, customer agreements) 

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Rule manager

Gewährleistungsmanagement Regelmanager

Ad-hoc Analysis of Field Data

Gewährleistungsmanagement MIS


Evaluation Dashboards und Reports

Gewährleistungsmanagement Dashboards


MIS stack diagram and prognosis

Gewährleistungsmanagement ad-hoc Analyzer



Your Benefits:

>>     Reduction of warranty costs by intelligent recognition of implausibility’s in regression claims
>>     Predefined analysis reports and dashboards
>>     Ad hoc data exploration by easy-to-handle web based data analysis user interface
>>     prediction of warranty costs and product failures
>>     easy connection of further data sources of any origin and formats
>>     complementary solution for existing CAQ systems or other company software (e.g. ERP Systems)
>>     easy integration into the company IT due to operating system independence
>>     Hosting, Cloud or On-Premise options
>>     no installation efforts or plugin downloads on the client side
>>     flexible license models for purchase or rental