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smart Warranty Management for the Automotive Industry

The SKYLYZE solution for the support of an holistic warranty management mainly aims at suppliers in the automotive industry. From the data perspective the warranty period is the most valuable period for the supplier because he is provided with relatively extensive information about complaints, part replacement or fault scenarios by his OEM customer. Furthermore, the OEM complaints are regularly linked to debit notes to the supplier in this period. Therefore, it is essential for the supplier to check the incoming complaints and claims for plausibility, to analyze the fault scenarios from the field and thus draw conclusions and allow predictions on the part behavior along the lifetime or mileage.

SKYLYZE provides an intelligent solution for this which covers the core topics „intelligent and automated claim check“, „ad hoc field data analysis“, „automated field observation“ as well as „predicition of product reliability and warranty cost“ by means of suitable analytics methods and special dashboards.

Warranty Management Automatisierte Regressprüfung

Intelligent and automated
claim check

Warranty management Ad hoc Felddatenanalyse

Ad hoc field data analytics

Warranty Management Automatisierte Feldbeobachtung

Automated field observation

Warranty Management Vorhersage von Produktzuverlässigkeit und Gewährleistungskosten

Prediction of product reliability
and warranty costs

Intelligent and automated claim check

Ad hoc field data analytics

Automated field observation

Prediction of product reliability and warranty costs

The core functions of our solution are complemented by functions of process support like for example our scheduler for the automated execution of your individually defined analytics reports, a contract administration for customer specific warranty contracts or a notification engine which visualizes all system and process relevant news like for example information about the latest data processed by Skylyze or the deadline of a warranty contract.

The solution is based on our Skylyze data analytics platform and uses its powerful data integration engine to read in, enrich and process the claim data formats provided by the OEM.

This engine is trained on many formats used by leading automotive manufacturers and is constantly complemented by formats of further OEMs.

Please order your information on detail functionalities of our solution and download our SKYLYZE Automotive Warranty Management Whitepaper.


Significant cost savings by automated complaint validation and claim check

Cut in warranty cost by simple identification of causing suppliers

Reduction of warranty cost through better negotiation and auditing results on basis of data transparency

Manual ad hoc as well as automated field observation and analysis of your field claims

Process support of your global warranty organization by reminder, automation and collaboration functions

Elimination of manual activities for processing, saving, replenishing and searching of the original OEM data

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