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Data analytics projects

Apart from the development of standard software solutions Skylyze supports your company with professional project and consulting services related to the topic intelligent data analysis. For instance, our specialists take care of your individual tasks in the field of data integration, predictive analytics, development of individual data analytics solutions or offer analytics-as-a-service.

SKYLYZE Analytics-as-a-Services

Do you have a concrete, ad hoc data analytics task in the field of product quality or product performance for example? Would you like to know for instance if a current deviation in one of your processes correlates to other internal or external factors (e. g. environmental conditions, geographical situation, process parameters)?  

We solve your analytic tasks for you as a service. We discuss the use case and the expected analytic contents with you and identify the necessary data.

We take care of the integration and the access to the data, choose the adequate algorithms and train these to your specific data situation and task. Finally, we will provide you with final analytics results in evaluated result reports and agreed formats. We offer this as a service using our infrastructure and our tools.

You do not require any infrastructure, data analytics platform or software and do not need to involve your own employees.

Data Integration / ETL Consulting

In the fields of data integration and ETL processes our specialists support you with all tasks of data handling in your company by means of our powerful data integration platform. We offer our services in the following business areas (among others):

Current analysis of existing data sources

Setup of data warehouse and data lake infrastructure

Standardization and harmonization of heterogeneous data sources for the following data analysis

Generation of data transformations to transform data between different formats and platforms (incl. big data platforms)

Filling of existing data warehouses and data lakes with data of new and additional data sources

In the field of „data profiling“ and „data quality assurance“ we can for example assist in:

Identification of data which does not correspond to the current business rules and standards

Standardization, validation, removal of duplicates and adjustment of inconsistent and redundant data

Data Analytics Projects and Consulting

We generate for you convincing KPIs, individual analytics reports and dashboards in individual data analytics projects. This also includes the availability of all data and data sources required for analysis. If necessary, we therefore also correlate your company data with data of external data sources (e. g. internet sources).

We solve your individual data mining task by evaluating the best suitable algorithms and training these algorithms for correlation, classification, regression or machine learning tasks.

Our team supports you in carrying out predictive analytics projects (Predictive Analytics) like for example in the field of predictive maintenance.


Many years of automotive experience on both OEM and supplier side

Data mining and analytic expertise to solve individual problems and tasks

Analytics-as-a-Service offer for added value by data analysis without own infrastructure and own tooling

Are you interested in our solutions? Contact us!

If you are interested in one of our solutions and would like to learn more about it in an individual demo please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the tools to assist you with any individual data analytics task in your company – please call us. Our experts are happy to give you assistance.