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Special Recourse

The special recourse is a difficult situation for many suppliers to the automotive industry, as it is usually a matter of settling an established serial damage and this is often associated with very high financial claims on the side of the OEM. In contrast to regular recourse, whose regulatory modalities are anchored in contracts, regulation in special recourse is usually a matter for negotiation.

This makes a strong negotiating position all the more important for the supplier concerned.
An optimized negotiation result is usually achieved by means of a secure database and intensive data analysis.

Here the SKYLYZE data analysis experts will help you with a service package specially tailored to the special recourse. On the basis of our powerful intelligent Warranty Management solution platform, SKYLYZE investigates all field data relevant to the special recourse case for you, enriches these with further individual information if required (e. g. delivery data, findings results) and provides you with a predefined set of valuable data analysis reports.

Our services

Analysis of focal points and outliers

We determine e. g. deviations in comparison to average values of the past (e. g. individual complaint costs to average costs). For example, we create Top-X analyses according to various criteria (e. g. error codes according to countries or vehicle models).

Trend and correlation analyses

We analyze the trend behavior of your part failures according to various criteria, e. g. local differences, various error codes. We correlate your complaints and their error codes with different information such as country of failure or vehicle model.

Mileage and age-related analyses

We prepare analysis reports both on the age of the parts and on the mileage of the vehicles concerned.

Identification of unjustified claims

We identify unjustified claims, e. g. by investigating complaints outside the warranty period or on the basis of incorrect acceptance rates / technical factors.

Identification of incomplete or conspicuous complaint data

We list you complaint data records in which relevant information is missing, e. g. data records without VIN, without indication of part number, without error code, etc.
We determine data records in which, for example, vehicles have become conspicuous several times or in which, for example, mileage and age of parts do not plausibly match.

Skylyze services notebook

You receive all result reports from our SKYLYZE data analysis platform ready prepared for direct further processing and exported in PDF and/or Excel format.

Without any manual work of your own, you receive valuable argumentation aids for negotiations with your OEM customer. In addition to the financial advantage of an optimized negotiation result, Skylyze data analyses enable you to approach your customers professionally and at eye level and underpin your position as a serious supplier partner.

Talk to us and get more detailed information about our service package for data analysis in the case of special recourse.

Our experts support you quickly, flexibly and reliably with our know-how in automotive warranty management and data analysis.


Professional data analysis without own manual effort

Reduction of the underlying number of complaints through validation

Professional appearance towards your negotiating partner

Argumentation support for your negotiation

Cost reduction through optimized negotiation result

Own data transparency and internal use of analysis results

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