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SKYLYZE develops and improves continuously existing and new solutions for all issues relating to data analysis. Here you will find our news concerning these changes as well as company news.

SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

New in SKYLYZE: Module for returned parts analysis

In addition to analyzing and validating the field complaints provided by the OEM, suppliers usually receive failed parts from agreed reference markets for analysis.   In the new SKYLYZE Returned Parts Analysis module, this information can be linked to the field complaints.  Templates for the respective relevant test report can also be created for the individual ... Read more
SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

SKYLYZE Product Observation System – new product for field observation from internet sources

Automotive suppliers and OEMs are required by law and standards requirements to observe their parts in the field. Moreover, this information can help to improve their own performance/part behavior in the field in the long run.  With the new SKYLYZE Product Observation System, SKYLYZE offers you the ability to analyze official data sources as well ... Read more
SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

Top 50 1st Tier automotive supplier enters international rollout with Skylyze Warranty Management solution after successful pilot project

After an extensive evaluation phase, another international automotive supplier chose DSA Skylyze’s Warranty Management software solution.  After a successful pilot project phase, the SKYLYZE team now starts the global rollout of the solution together with the supplier’s team. After completion of the project, data from the supplier’s 10 most important OEM customers will initially be ... Read more
SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

Another Tier 1 automotive supplier opts for SKYLYZE Warranty Management

Another automotive supplier from the Top 60 has chosen the SKYLYZE Warranty Management software solution. After an intensive selection process, SKYLYZE was able to prevail over competing solutions due to its innovative and unique functionalities as well as its modern IT architecture.   After a successful proof of concept, the system is now being introduced in ... Read more
SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

SKYLYZE Text Mining – New AI-powered module for automatic translation and classification of dealer texts

North American OEMs in particular provide workshop and end customer texts in their field complaints, some of which contain important information on fault patterns, reasons for failure and how to rectify the damage.  The new SKYLYZE Text Mining module enables the automatic classification of the text data. For this purpose, all texts are first translated ... Read more
SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

Consulting in case of serial damage

Automotive suppliers implement suitable quality processes with a lot of commitment and effort to ensure maximum quality of their products. Nevertheless, it happens in individual cases that the products become the subject of a serial damage or recall.  Should such a serial damage occur, it is important to keep the potential resulting commercial impact as ... Read more

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