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In addition to the development of standard software solutions, Skylyze supports you with professional project and consulting services in the field of intelligent data analysis. As part of our Analytics-as-a-Service offerings, our specialists analyze your warranty data, for example, in preparation for negotiations or in special recourse cases. We also support you in your individual tasks, for example in the areas of data integration and predictive analytics.

Warranty data analysis in special recourse cases

The special recourse is a difficult situation for many suppliers to the automotive industry, as it is usually a matter of settling an established serial damage and this is often associated with very high financial claims on the side of the OEM. For an optimized negotiation result, a secure data basis and data analysis results are therefore important for the supplier concerned, which strengthen their own negotiating position. The SKYLYZE data analysis experts will help you with a specially tailored Analytics-as-a-Service offer for these cases.

Skylyze Automotive Gewährleistungsmanagement
Skylyze Datenanalyse für DSA Lösungen After Sales

Individual Data Analysis Projects

Based on our powerful data analysis platform and the know-how of our specialists, Skylyze realizes individual data analysis projects for you. We identify the necessary and useful data sources, create concepts for data integration and implement suitable algorithms that examine your data for anomalies and patterns or calculate predictive analyses.


Quick Return-On-Invest through provision of valuable information to support decisions and prediction of future developments

A highly motivated team of automotive and data analytics experts develops field-tested intelligent software solutions and services

All of our software solutions are based on our scalable, reliable and big data ready software architecture platform

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If you are interested in one of our solutions and would like to learn more about it in an individual demo please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the tools to assist you with any individual data analytics task in your company – please call us. Our experts are happy to give you assistance.