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SKYLYZE Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing Industry

a powerful platform to monetize your product(ion) data!

The SKYLYZE Big Data Analytics platform is built to integrate, analyze and visualize data along the complete product life cycle and across the entire supply chain. Manufacturing companies are facing the challenges of rapidly increasing data volume and new types of data. Machines, equipment and sensors are becoming more and more intelligent and as a result provide a high volume of valuable data. Today products are increasingly equipped with sensors and control units which are able to provide data about their use and status at any time and over their complete life cycle.

Presently most of this data is not taken advantage of for various reasons

  • It is too complex to connect this data to the existing systems.
  • It is too expensive to store these enormous amounts of raw data using conventional technologies.
  • Current software systems are not able to process such data volumes up to a satisfactory level.
  • It is too laborious and expensive to analyze this data since it requires manual work due to a lack of suitable equipment.

SKYLYZE helps Manufacturing Industry Companies, their management as well as their employees, to make use of a multitude of accessible data in a profitable way.

Flexible models of operation

Due to its architecture the Skylyze solutions offer you a free choice of your favorite operation model. You decide where your data is stored and analyzed. No matter which scenario fits you best from the perspective of the operation or safety aspects – you may decide if SKYLYZE is implemented On-Premise in your own IT infrastructure or in the Cloud or if it should run in a hybrid mode.

Choose your device

The SKYLYZE Web surface simplifies the daily work. Productivity, ergonomics and simplicity with regard to the handling is one of our major design principles. SKYLYZE supports all common browsers irrespective if the software is used on your PC or your tablet.