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Automotive testing expo 2018 – Diagnostics in the Digital Factory

June 2018


Under the headline „Diagnostics in the Digital Factory“ DSA presented their solutions for the digital factory at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart from 5 to 7 June. The DSA solutions digitize processes of the vehicle configuration and diagnosis and thus lead to a higher level of transparency and productivity in your company. The Skylyze data analytics solution was also presented at the DSA stand.

Intelligent Production – Data Analytics in the digital factory

To examine the abundance of data resulting from automotive production and gain valuable insights from this – no problem when using our big data analytics solution SKYLYZE: The big data ready analytic platform offers a new virtual insight to all running processes and relevant information by for example analyzing vehicle diagnostic data across all manufacturing locations and spotting vehicle-specific or process-orientated abnormalities.

How do First-Time-Quality rates correlate with specific vehicle models or specifications?
How does the test quality of new vehicle models develop in comparison to the established latest model?

Automotive testing expo 2018 – Data Analytics in der digitalen Fabrik

Our visitors were able to answer such and other questions by trying out our interactive visual data analysis as well as our intelligent analytic algorithms.

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