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SKYLYZE Gewährleistungsmanagement Whitepaper

SKYLYZE Product Observation System – new product for field observation from internet sources

Automotive suppliers and OEMs are required by law and standards requirements to observe their parts in the field. Moreover, this information can help to improve their own performance/part behavior in the field in the long run. 

With the new SKYLYZE Product Observation System, SKYLYZE offers you the ability to analyze official data sources as well as forums, websites and social media for appropriate information regarding recalls, part behavior, safety-related messages or competitive issues. 

By collecting and merging the various information, this creates a database that provides an easy-to-understand overview of all current topics with the help of the SKYLYZE Summary Bot, SKYLYZE Sentiment Analysis and SKYLYZE Text Mining.  

This information can then be forwarded to the right people in development, purchasing and quality via newsletters.  

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