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New Functions for Contract-Data Management

As part of the continuous further development, users of the latest SKYLYZE Warranty Management solution now have access to functions for maintaining key data from warranty agreements. This includes, for example, the maintenance of the relevant customer-specific warranty agreements (e. g. warranty period per market, mileage agreements) as well as the maintenance of customer-specific part/part families acceptance quotas data (e. g. technical factors).

Of course, this information stored in the contract-data management is linked to both the intelligent automated recourse check and the message engine.
In this way recourse outside the warranty can be identified quickly and automatically and, on the other hand, relevant employees are reminded by the system of approaching expiration dates of the warranty agreements. Then arrange a non-binding system demo with us now!

These new functionalities further increase the level of automation achieved by the SKYLYZE Warranty Management solution and enable further cost savings through efficient process support.
Would you like to see the new functionalities live? Than arrange a non-binding system demo with us now!

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