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DSA und Skylyze an Förderprojekt beteiligt

November 2014: DSA and Skylyze take part in sponsored project

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology has chosen 13 projects which are going to be sponsored in the technology program “Smart Data“. This program promotes research and developing activities that help to develop the big data market for German economy.  DSA is the consortium manager of the „PRO-OPT – Big Data production optimization in Smart Ecosystems“ project.
PRO-OPT’s aim is to enable companies with decentralized cooperative structures (Smart Ecosystems) to analyze big data quantities smart and effectively. The insights acquired from the manufacturing process along the complete supply chain and the vehicle life circle will help to improve the product as well as the manufacturing and diagnosis process.
The solution will be established in the automotive field as an example because especially in vehicle manufacturing and diagnosis huge quantities of data arise which are presently hard or even impossible to analyse due to the various data sources. At this point we are able to offer our competences in the sector of vehicle diagnosis as well as standardization. The Skylyze team is going to assume a leading role in the field of data modelling and especially data analysis.
The project is expected to start in the first quarter of 2015. The required modelling and analytic processes are then going to be developed. The sponsored project is scheduled to be completed in 2017.

DSA und Skylyze an Förderprojekt beteiligt